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Adriana Heimann Rios, PhD

Associate Professor

Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry, Economic Geology


Research Interests: Understanding crustal processes and fundamental and applied problems using field work, mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, modeling, and state-of-the-art analytical techniques. Current and recent projects include: Fe isotope fractionation in crustal magmatic systems; fluid/rock interaction; geochemistry and genesis of rare-metal deposits in granitic pegmatites; the origin of color in minerals; early Earth's geochemistry and genesis of BIFs; geochemistry and genesis of hydrothermal sulfide deposits and spatially associated exhalites; evolution of metamorphic rocks and P-T reconstructions

Contact details

Mailing Address:

101 Graham Building

Department of Geological Sciences

East Carolina University

Greenville, NC 27858


(252) 328-5206






I am always looking for good and motivated graduate students interested in learning, figuring things out, and in excellence - Email me or use the Contact me! page to learn of opportunities.

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